Confirmed participants WWM and Hydro Engineering - 06.03.20

1.All water EcoLake - Engineering Supplier, General Contractor, Construction, Water Treatment Technologies and Equipment

Hidroenerhoinvest - Hydro power

Komfort Market Liuks - Mall operation

Farmak - Ecological laboratory

JETEXPRESS (Lebanon) - Equipment for water supply, drainage and sewerage networks (pipes, pumps, manholes, storm drains, trenchless technologies, etc.)

Arrikano Development - General contractor, construction

BUDINZHENERIIA - Design, Engineering, General Contractor, Construction, Hydropower

AcademResourceEnergyProject - General contractor, construction, design, engineering

Röhren- und Pumpenwerk BAUER - Representative office in Ukraine. Provider of equipment, Reclamation of territories, irrigation, drainage

Spetsinzhenermerezha - General contractor, construction

ТЕХКО - 3MU ''BIOS" - Water purification technologies and equipment, IT services, automation, dispatching, control and measuring equipment, metering and monitoring systems

Donbasenergo - Vodokanal


Local authorities:

Executive Committee of the Kremenchug City Council

Krolevets City Council

Department of Agroindustrial Development, Ecology and Natural Resources of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration


Industrial enterprises:


Pharmaceutical company "Darnytsia"


Bashtanski cheese factory

Yevro-Rekonstruktsiia (Darnytska Thermal Power Station)