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Business program WWM 2017

April 25th, Tuesday – 1st working day

10:00 - 11:00 Introductory session. Legislation reforms in the field of municipal and industrial waste water treatment

Yuriy Hivrich, President of The Ukrainian Drinking Water Association, Ph.D. State Service, Honored Worker of the Service Sector of Ukraine

State policy in the sphere of municipal and industrial waste water treatment of Ukraine as a tool for market developing and attracting investments
Viktor Tokarenko
Deputy Director of Life Support Systems and Housing Policy Department
Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Communal Living of Ukraine

Public-private partnership as a tool for modernization of water treatment systems
Andriy Demchuk
Director of Investment Attraction Department
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

Changes in tariff policy in the sphere of water supply and sewerage
Artem Chumak
Director of Water Supply and Sewerage Department
National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities

Legislative definition in the sphere of sewerage
Olena Babak
National Deputy, Deputy Chairman
Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing

11:15 - 12:15 Session 1. Drainage systems and sewerage. Control, equipment and technologies. Part 1

Automating and dispatching of water treatment facilities
Oleg Spivak
First Deputy Director
Dinamo-Kontinent, Ukraine

Automatic control systems for regulation of air supply into aeration tanks of WWTPs. Valves used at WWTPs
Volodymyr Melnichenko
Project Manager

, Ukraine

Use of proportional dispensers for dosing of polymers (coagulants, flocculants) and chlorine-containing preparations
Petro Baibarak
Constellation of the Lion-2010, representative of Dosatron (France) in Ukraine

Restoration and protection of concrete in engineering facilities
Ivan Atamanchuk
Head of Waterproofing
KaylasaMeru, representative of Vandex (Belgium) in Ukraine

12:25 - 13:40 Session 1. Drainage systems and sewerage. Control, equipment and technologies. Part 2

Trenchless rehabilitation of sewerage pipelines polymeric sleeve (method of "stocking") - features and benefits
Alan Temirov
Sales Manager in Eastern Europe
lineTEC - Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG
, Germany

Modern sewer pipe maintenance technologies and equipment
Vidas Nemanis
Hidora, Lithuania

GRUNDFOS solutions for waste water disposal
Andriy Minaylov
Project Manager

TerPolymerGas products and their practical application in the construction of water supply networks for housing and communal services
Igor Koksharov  
Deputy Director for Technical Issues
TerPolymerGas, Ukraine

Systems and equipment for control and optimization of waste water treatment
Juraj Kaprinaj
Technical Director
ECM Group, Slovakia

13:50 - 15:05 Session 2. Modern equipment and technologies for mechanical, chemical and biological sewage treatment. Part 1

M-U-T – waste water treatment with use of activated sludge process, SEWACONT®, SEWACOMP and other similar techniques
Ekaterina Specht
Head of Marketing Department
M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlen
, Austria

Use of self-cleaning disc filters for the mechanical water treatment
Roman Kirik
Development Director
NEREX, Ukraine

Modern technologies of waste water disinfection
Sergii Malyshko
Area Representative
Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan
, Germany

ST Macchine technologies for process and waste water treatment
Luca Collareda
Sales and Applications Engineer
ST Macchine
, Italy

Industrial waste water recycling and re-use at Sohar Port, Oman
Sanjay Agrawal
Vice President
UEM (A Toshiba Group Company)

15:15 - 16:30 Session 2. Modern equipment and technologies for mechanical, chemical and biological sewage treatment. Part 2

Biochemical conditioning systems of household and industrial waste water for technological needs
Olena Kotsar
Managing Partner
Ukrainian Scientific and Engineering Center «Potential-4»
, Ukraine

Experience in implementing modern energy efficient WWTPs with nutrient removal
Mikhail Esin
Technological Department Head
Ecopolymer, Ukraine

HYDROVIT® waste water treatment plants
Martin Vavrečka
Head of WWTP Design Team
Vitkovice ENVI, Czech Republic

Optimization of waste water treatment in the conditions of existing biological treatment facilities with introduction of the stage of physicochemical processing
Tetyana Svinarenko
Director of Commercial Projects Development Department
Trading House "Aqua-Holding", Ukraine

Equipment for waste water disinfection
Anatoly Shubenok
Deputy Director
Oniko, Ukraine

16:45 - 18:00 Session 3. Recycling and disposal of sediments and sludge, biogas energy

Municipal waste water treatment with SBR technology, mesophilic anaerobic sludge digestion with biogas and electricity production
Grega Verk
Project Manager Environmental Engeneering
RIKO, Slovenia
Luka Čad
Specialist of sewerage systems and WWTPs
, Slovenia

WWTP modernization and sludge management. Case study - Chernomorsk
Karolina Monika Furgal
Wastewater Treatment Engineer
Ramboll, Denmark

Solar sludge dryers and package type waste water treatment systems
Ahmet Isitman
General Manager
ARGES Treatment Machinery, Turkey

Solutions for waste water treatment for large cities and small objects
Dmytro Didrikh
Global Sales
Alfa Laval
, Ukraine

EKOTON Industrial Group: experience in sludge dewatering in the municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Domestic producer - world recognition
Roman Kovalenko
Head of Projects
EKOTON Industrial Group, Ukraine

April 26th, Wednesday – 2nd working day

10:00 - 11:40 Session 4. Water & Waste Water in Ukraine: current status and investment environment

Olga Babii, Director, Belotserkovvoda
Dmitry Novitsky, Chairman of the Board - General Director, Kyivvodokanal

Current state of normative regulation of in the field of water supply and sewerage in Ukraine. Terms of Service - balance of interests between service providers and consumers
Olga Babii

Financing of municipal projects in Ukraine
Iryna Liashenko
Investment Specialist
- The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

Financing opportunities in the Ukrainian water & waste water sector
Anders Lund
Associate Director EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,
Fund Manager E5P -
Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

Ukreximbank's financing programs for business development
Vitaly Provolotsky
Head of Sales Organisation Department of Small and Medium Business Management

International finance institutions project procurement cycle
Steve Kendrick
Project Director, International Water and Climate Adaptation
, Denmark

12:00 - 13:40 Session 5. Investment projects of Ukrainian regions

Waste Water Treatment: Infrastructure and Investments
Michael Girel
, Israel

The experience of work with foreign investors in the area of water supply and sewerage
Kateryna Karpenko
Deputy Director of Bortnichy Aeration Station Reconstruction Directorate on Financial and Legal Matters


State of implementation of Bortnichy aeration station reconstruction project
Oleg Lysyuk
Director of the Bortnichy Aeration Station Reconstruction Directorate


14:00 - 15:00 Session 6. MSW landfill leachate treatment

Direct leachate treatment with membrane separation technologies and combined leachate treatment with MBR system
Giancarlo Tanzi
R&D Manager
, Italy

Construction and operation of a full scale MBR plant
Grega Verk
Project Manager Environmental Engeneering
RIKO, Slovenia

Innovative complex high-efficient plasma-chemical technology for MSW landfill leachate treatment with immobilization of solid residue
Sergiy Sereda
Deputy Director, Co-Founder
Institute of Human Ecology "INECO", Ukraine

Access to regional experience and expertise in landfill leachate treatment and landfill gas management
Alin Schiopu
Business Line Manager - Environment Technology
Klarwin (Process Engineering SRL), Romania

15:20 - 17:00 Session 7. Industrial waste water treatment

Use of AGRU plastic materials (Austria) for engineering tasks in industrial and municipal sectors
Rudolf Hummel
Product Engineer (CPL)
AGRU, Austria

Food industry. From waste water to energy
Igor Trotsko
Regional Representative
Chriwa / Cuss
, Germany

Comparison of membrane based waste water treatment technologies for food industry: traditional MBR (aerobic) vs innovative AnMBR (anaerobic)
Giancarlo Tanzi
R&D Manager
Sepra, Italy

Waste water treatment in sugar plants
Luka Čad
Specialist of Sewerage Systems and WWTPs
, Slovenia

Systems and equipment for environmental monitoring of industrial enterprises
Juraj Kaprinaj
Technical Director
ECM Group, Slovakia

Waste water treatment in the production of mineral fertilizers
Yuriy Popp
Manager Purification and Water Preparation
MEGA, Czech Republic

Hydrodynamic cavitation technology for industrial, agricultural and municipal waste water disinfection and treatment
Alexander Zudikov
Development Director
Ecology of Ukraine